17 roses (70 cm) - a bouquet of red roses

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17 roses

17 роз:  роза красная - 17 шт (70 см),  целлофан.

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      This bouquet - the embodiment of the present feelings. rosesSaturated purple color in this bouquet will be a great gift to someone who appreciates the strict classical style. A bouquet of red roses is able to decorate any holiday, and with variations of colors in a bouquet - to withstand the fine line between expressing admiration or a declaration of love. Order this bouquet of chocolates Korkunoff and a bottle of fine wine from our collection, and every evening turns into a romantic and unique.

      Розы (17 шт.):

      17 роз:  роза красная - 17 шт (70 см),  целлофан.

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      COMMENTS ON bouquets «17 roses (70 cm) - bouquet of roses»
      • / г. Гуанчжоу, Китай / 25.08.2017
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you very much for a bouquet! They delivered as I requested in the same lazy to Crete, a gift my mother on the day rozhdeniya.Tsvety fresh, beautifully decorated! Contact me as soon as dochtavili, despite the fact that I am in a very Kitae.Vse professionalno.Teper for bouquets only to you!
      • / г. Адлер / 04.03.2017
        bouquet rating:
        Zdravstvuyte.Obratilas in this company for the first time on the recommendation of a friend. Insanely worried anxiety overwhelmed me, But I'll tell you one thing: the team worked on 5+. Bouquet was gorgeous. All the conditions have been met, the emotions are no boundaries. It is also really want to thank florists in Baku! Well done! Managed! Thank you so much! I will recommend you to everyone! Festival was a success !!!
      • / г. Сыктывкар / 13.01.2017
        bouquet rating:
        Often I order a rose just to have a sign of attention to their recipients. Everything is always at the highest level. Thanks you.
      • / г. Смоленск / 08.07.2016
        bouquet rating:
        all very pon6ravilos) fresh roses, beautiful)))
      • / г. Темиртау / 30.04.2016
        bouquet rating:
        Thank you. Achieved on time, taking into account all the wishes, roses are very beautiful!
      • / г. Москва / 15.03.2016
        bouquet rating:
        I ordered for your favorite birthday in g.Yurev-Polish, to come did not work unfortunately. Thank you, beautiful bouquet, surprise success! Great service!